What is Sperm Donation? Where to donate sperm in India 2019

Sperm donation is called sperm or Sperm donation. Sperm donation is a process in which a person donates his Sperm which helps a single woman or a couple to conceive. The fluid that is emitted from the male penis during ejaculation is called Sperm or sperm.

Due to problems of reproduction in male couples of a couple or because no woman has any male partner, they may need sperm donated.

Sperm donation is a generous and positive task that can give many joints and women the pleasure of becoming parents. If you decide to donate Sperm, then you can work to help others fulfill the expectations of families.

This article has been given in detail in detail about what is sperm donation, how to do sperm donate, where you sperm donates or if you need a sperm donated, information about this is given in this article. The article also states that the rules about sperm donation in India are lawful.

What is sperm donation

Under sperm donation, a sperm bank is typically donated Sperm by a healthy man so that she can help her in the artificial embryo despite having not been a sexual partner of that woman.

Men, who suffer from hereditary hemorrhagic sex, gay women and any single woman who has the desire to become a mother, get Sperm through sperm donation.

Sperm donate is paid for his sample, but there are many qualifications for this before accepting it as Sperm Bank by Sperm Bank.

Before you donate sperm, you are checked that you do not have any disease. It is also important for you to understand the potential emotional, psychological and legal issues associated with donating sperm.

The donated sperm is kept in the womb of a woman with a process called intrauterine insemination or fertilization is done in the laboratory with the mature eggs and after fertilization is done in the womb of the womb to develop it; IVF (In vitro fertilization) is called.

The donors and the recipients are kept confidential by the spam bank. However, in many countries, a knowledgeable person can also be spermed.

Anyone has to undergo a long investigation process before the sperm donation, which is explained in detail at the end of this article.

How does sperm donate in India

If you are considering making sperm, then know about the long-term effects of your decision first.

For this, consider the following:

  • Will you tell your family about your decision to donate sperm?
  • Are you ready to be a biological father of a child or a child, whom you can never meet?
  • What if the children born with the help of your sperm donation want to meet you one day?
  • If you are giving sperm to someone you know, then with the help of an attorney, consider drafting a contract that defines your financial and parental rights and obligations.

Once you make your decision, you can donate sperm in your city’s Sperm Bank. Before you take your sperm, your preliminary test is done to prevent any disease from spreading. After this, if you are completely healthy then your Sperm sample can be taken.

Women or couples who are interested in receiving sperm donated need to contact the Sperm Bank, which is accredited by the Health Ministry. There are some public sperm banks that operate within hospitals and there are also some independent sperm banks.

Donner’s sperm is inserted into the womb of a woman. In order to inject the donated sperm to a woman’s reproductive organs, it is inserted into a plastic tube which goes from the womb to the womb to the womb. Another option is to use them for the rest of mature eggs in the laboratory, it is called in vitro fertilization.

The person giving the sperm is not given information by the SParm Bank to the recipient, nor the donor is given the information of the recipient. However, if anyone wants, it can take sperm from anyone who knows.

Where to donate sperm in India

You can donate sperm by visiting a local Sperm Bank. But for that, you have to meet the set standards of health, height, and weight. They will give you specific instructions to donate.

You are given a container for which you take masturbation in a room alone by removing the sperm. Keep in mind that you have to remove the sperm in the Sperm Bank itself. You can not take away the sperm in a container from home.

You pay for the Sperm that you donate and this price is collected from the person receiving the sperm donation. What will be its value depends on your Sperm Bank.

Sperm Donation in India

According to the Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill, 2016, a sperm donor can not donate sperm or Sperm more than once throughout his lifetime.

According to the guidelines of the Indian Medical Education Council (ICMR), Sperm accumulated in only one registered Sperm bank can be used in Assistant Reproductive Techniques (ART) for pregnancy.

Similarly, the Sperm of any donor can be used only once, and after conception, the Sperm Bank is notified and the Sperm Bank destroys that Sperm sample.

The ICMR rule also states that the person donating Sperm should always be anonymous. The identity of the donor should not be disclosed to the recipient in the event of the recipient, or vice versa, the identity of the recipient.

The Sperm donated can always be taken from a registered Sperm bank. IVF (in-vitro fertilization) center can not give Sperm to gynecologists for use in any ART process.

The following are the standards set for a Sperm donor in India:

  • You must be between 21 and 35 years of age.
  • Donner has to undergo physical and psychological testing and evaluation.
  • The health history of Donner and his family are examined.
  • The donor can not be a smoker and a drug addict. The person who maintains a healthy lifestyle can be the same donor. (Read more – Measures to quit smoking)
  • Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases have to undergo blood tests.
  • Genetic abnormalities also have to go through the investigation.

Note – This article is for informational purposes only. Advolk is not advising any kind of medical treatment at any cost. Decide only by talking to your doctor about what medical treatment is right for you.

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