Which is better Vidtoon vs Toonly? Comparison 2023

Vidtoon vs Toonly - What is your ideal choice in 2023?

Are you bored with the ‘classic’ or ‘boring’ presentations? And looking for a crispy and spicy method for storytelling?

You have knocked at the right doorstep.

From Vidtoon vs Toonly comparison to your hands on one of the best toon video makers, you are going to get all here.

Whether you are a virtuoso or a newbie to the digital world, one thing may not go unnoticed by you, and that is the ongoing craze and marketability of animated videos and ads.

No matter how much you deny it, an ongoing animated ad draws our attention, even just for a second.

And maybe that’s the reason for the high popularity of animated videos on social media or marketing platforms.

If you are an animator, making animated videos or ads would be a cakewalk for you, but not everyone is one.

And then comes to the software being used to make phenomenal animated ads. Thus, hundreds of users search for the best software to create animated ads.

In the series, the most famed ones are Vidtoon and Toonly.

Here, in this article, we have compared Toonly vs Vidtoon. This comparison will help you clear the fog and choose one of the best suitable animation software for you.

Buckle your seat belts; as in this article, many features, pros, and cons will get revealed.

Who Toonly or Vidtoon is helpful for-

Other than digital marketers or for marketing ads, Toonly and Vidtoon works as icing on the cake for teachers, employees, trainers, and illustrators who-

Agencies- Who want to make creative animation videos for various social media platforms

Businesses- Who want to make customers attractive videos

Teachers and Educators- Who want to create simple learning and educational videos via creative methods.

Non-profit Organizations- Who want to use creative videos to promote their work

Starting with the longevous one. Learn more about Toonly.

What is Toonly?

Toonly vs vidtoon
  • After Voomly, Talkia, and Doodly, Toonly is the latest animated video software developed by Bryxen. Toonly is designed after the cosmic triumph of doodly.
  • It is designed with pre-made props, images, and characters that help you create the most entertaining and creative 2D toon videos.
  • In simple words, Toonly is an AI-driven animation software that enables you to create engaging, informative, and captivating content over a single click.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are not a drawing or animation person or a newbie; you can still create animated videos with the easy and straightforward interface of Toonly.

Features of Toonly

Although Toonly owns several features, let’s take a closer look at the most noteworthy ones:

Toonly Library

Toonly has a goodly library of images, characters, backgrounds, pre-set scenes, and audio tracks. And the best part is that all the images are hand-drawn, creating unique content.

Besides that, you can easily upload your desired image files in supported formats like JPG, GIF, and PNG.

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1. Audio and Background

Toonly has 81 backgrounds and scenes covering a wide range of topics and niches.

You can change the position and size of the elements and customize the scenes to suit your preferences.

Besides that, Toonly allows you to upload JPG or PNG files if you’d prefer to use one of your own designs instead.

In terms of audio, Toonly offers you-

  • 20 audio tracks
  • You can use the voiceover feature
  • Adjust the volume
  • Apply a fade-out effect
  • Turn playthrough on or off
  • Upload audio in MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, FLAC, or AAC formats

Along with these, the playthrough allows you to decide whether you want to or not want to play the audio.

2. Characters and animations

Toonly’s character images include various genders and ages, along with the themed characters.

You can make the characters dance on your moves by choosing pre-animated actions you’d like them to perform in your videos.

The actions may include-

  • Say ‘hi’
  • Dance
  • Exercise

3. Lip sync

More fascinating is the lip sync features- it allows you to simply record your voice or add in a pre-recorded audio to let your character speak.

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Camera Features

Using the Zoom in and out, tilt up and down, pan left and right camera features, you can create the desired effect in your videos.

Video exporting and importing

You can not only export video from Toonly to your devices; you can directly upload it to various social media accounts and websites.

Moreover, you can download the animations in MP4, OGG, WebM, and MKV formats.

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Tutorials and support

Toonly’s customer support offers a variety of troubleshooting problems and FAQs.

It provides various additional support with-

  • Email support tickets
  • 13 tutorial videos
  • A knowledge base of 89 videos
  • Live chat

Toonly Pros

  • Easy and simple operation
  • Pleasant user interface
  • Comic style software
  • Wide selection of characters even in the standard version
  • One-time affordable pricing plans
  • One-time affordable pricing plans
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Time-to-time updates for best performance

Toonly Cons

  • No custom animation options
  • No free trails

Toonly price

Toonly offers you a month or annually payment options. Generally, the Toonly pricing has two plans monthly:

  • Standard plan: $39/month
  • Enterprise plan: $ 69/month

For one-time lifetime fee:

  • $67 for the standard license
  • $97 for an enterprise license.

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You can only get the Enterprise license after you’ve purchased the Standard license.

And you don’t have to be concerned about your money, as Toonly has a 30-days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the tool.

In the series of comparison of Vidtoon Vs Toonly. The next one is Vidtoon.

What is Vidtoon?

Vidtoon vs Toonly
  • VidToon is an advanced video animation software that allows you to create 2D animated videos effortlessly with multilingual characters, text-to-speech, and music features.
  • The new updated version of VidToon- VidToon 2.0 incorporates multilingual text, animated characters, a smart timeline option, and many more amusing features.
  • Anyone can make a perfectly animated video in minutes without hassle, from a newbie to a professional, which is 90% more attractive than any other marketing software.

Features of Vidtoon

Easy to use user interface

VidToon 2.0 is a user-friendly software that is easy to navigate and works with learners, newbies, and professionals.

Friendly signing and video tutorials

VidToon offers a user-friendly tutorial guide that helps users quickly learn how to use and work on the animated video-making platform without investing hefty time.

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Work Offline

It is an offline video-making software, and all you have to do is download and install the software and start working.

Customization options

VidToon 2.0 equips multiple customization options that allow easy and effective video making.

Text to speech feature

VidToon 2.0 allows you to create impressive speech from text, where you can choose different accents, including United States English and British English.

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Intro & Outro Animation

The Intro & Outro feature in VidToon allows you to choose left, right, zoom in, and zoom-out to focus on a specific area to be noticed by the audience.

30+ animations and transitions

It features 30+ animations and transitions, including cross dissolve, fade, cut, wipe to make the video charismatic.

34 High-Definition Backgrounds

VidToon allows you to access 34 high-definition Backgrounds, resulting in creative and innovative videos.

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Royalty-Free Library

VidToon allows you to access the inbuild royalty-free library. You can use 200 plus music tracks, many high-definition images, and extraordinary elements with perfect pixel positioning to put any object wherever you want the video.

Effective Typography

Make weigh of your words and express your story in the video using brand font and colors and the perfect type and text size.

Multi-Install License

You can use a single license to install the software on multiple systems. After the purchase, various users can use VidToon 2.0 on several devices.

Vidtoon Pros

  • Vidtoon has an easy-to-use interface
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows operating system
  • You will get free audio tracks
  • It has 100+ animated characters
  • Free to use 1000+ HD images and music files in the library
  • It is a simple and user-friendly software
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • One-time payment, with multiple user license

Vidtoon Cons

  • It is not a cloud-based software
  • Character animations are limited to a few users

Vidtoon Price

You can get lifetime access to Vidtoon for just $49.

The best part of using VidToon is that multiple users can use it in numerous operating systems/ computers without any hassle after granting access.

In case you want to go for Vidtoon Deluxe for premium features, it would cost around $67/month or $149/ yearly.

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Happy go lucky with Animated video software’s

Animated video software’s are a blessing in disguise for hundreds of people searching for the easiest and smartest way to make animated videos.

Both Vidtoon and Toonly are best-animated video software with an easy and simple user interface.

But you should choose the one that perfectly suits your needs and video-making requirements.

Final Verdict: Which one is better - Toonly vs Vidtoon

We have reached the end of the article and hope the comparison of Toonly vs Vidtoon has given you a brief idea of which one is a better option for you.

Both the animated video software’s are best of best. But, Toonly is the winner here.

Toonly has been in the market for a long time, featuring more elements characters and works more efficiently.

It is a great and efficient tool to create animated or advertising videos quickly and efficiently, making it ideal for beginners as well as professionals.

But, when it comes to pricing, Vidtoon is an in-budget software, as it is cheaper than Toonly.

Now, the ball is in your court, and you have to decide which one among Toonly and Vidtoon is the best choice for you.

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