Viddyoze vs Doodly 2023 – Which one is better? Must Read!

Which is Better Viddyoze vs Doodly 2023?

Have you heard the debate between viddyoze vs doodly? both tools are used to help create videos for your channel or Facebook account.  the tools are prominent by its new programs that make things easier.

Are you passionate about video editing? Then the blog is going to make your work easier. As we are going to discuss a comparison between the two best video editing tools viddyoze vs doodly.

Both of the tools are used for editing purposes according to your work. There are many things that have been promoting their businesses on the digital platform. 

These tools use to edit videos, create logos, intros, outros, cinematic effects, video speech bubble effects, etc.

If you have used many tools to edit your videos, animation, etc then you must have experienced issues while creating videos. The tools have addressed these issues to make work perfect without taking a lot of time. 

Viddyoze editing tool 

viddyoze vs doodly

The viddyoze editing tool gives the faculty to edit the video in just 3sec by using its advanced features. There are many things that can be edited in the tools including intros, logos animation, outros, videos with call-to-action features, videos speech bubble effects,  youtube video animations, etc. 

The viddyoze editing tool was launched many years ago, and the programmers are adding new features to edit videos easily. As recently there is a new feature added live actions features. 

There will not be any complications after adding music in the background as the tool is very efficient in its work. It will not give any side effects on the videos.

Features of viddyoze 

Alpha Animation in just one click 

One of the key features of viddyoze is one-click alpha animations without taking licensing charges.  In this feature, the on-screen video and the transparent lower third can be placed at once in the video without giving any side effects.

Watermark licensing 

The one will get the power of licensing on their videos. They can create videos and can add a watermark to their channel that will not be removed by anyone except them. 

Different types of customization

The tool provides a lot of types of customization to one for their videos. So that they could choose the best one for their videos. It helps to make the pre-existed videos much better which makes them more retention value, conversion, and engagement rate.

Get top-quality content templates 

One will get more than 100 types of templates with top quality. The templates are easy to use. It will help to promote your brand and business. All types of brand-new templates get added to it each month.

Point and click platform 

Last but not least feature is a point-and-click platform where one can animate their videos without taking any services from video editing or animation agency, etc. 

The program is user-friendly which makes it easy to use for everyone.


  • Alpha animations without any side effects.
  • User friendly. 
  • Easy to use.
  • Get more than 100 templates each month.
  • Get different types of customization.
  • Get your personal watermark.


  • No cons as far.


viddyoze vs doodly

The doodly is a tool that works to generate whiteboard animated videos with voice-overs. The tool is very helpful for those who work for Facebook and youtube ads. 

Create your image by just selecting the image according to your video from doodly, then dragging it and now your image will be created by doodle automatically.

There are varieties of hands one will get and one can select, any one of them for their videos whether female hand or male hand.

Generate your own custom voice-over for your video and add it easily to your whiteboard animated video.

Add any sound that suits your created videos without paying royalty charges and maintain the volume as you want.


No limits on custom images 

There are many costume images that can be used in your videos whatever you want for your whiteboard animated videos. Its custom images are authentic, as it changes every month. 

No technical expertise is necessary.

There is no need to learn technical terms before editing whiteboard animated videos. As it is made in such a way that can be understood easily. 

The ones can promote their business and product with the help of this tool by creating logos of their product and services on Youtube and Facebook.

Easy to connect with any device 

It is a tool that can work on any device. It will not give any side effects on your device. There are no restrictions on the number of user. It can work at the same time with a single passkey.

Store and share 

One can save their created whiteboard animated videos. Also, they can share it with their friends. As there is sharing option available.

Constant upgrades

The tool gets upgraded from time to time with new and interesting features. Thus one can create more attractive whiteboard-animated videos. The one will get automatic notification of the tool thus they get aware of each upgradation.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to create whiteboard videos.
  • Get updated every time.
  • Different types of new and creative templates.


  • It does not support mac devices.

Comparison viddyoze vs doodly 

viddyoze vs doodly are the different types of tools which basically use for video editing. Viddyoze is a software program that helps to create animated videos. Meanwhile doodly is the software program that works to create whiteboard animated videos. Both software is used to edit videos but for different purposes.

As both tools are easy to use, there are no extra hard or difficult steps while using this tool. One of the basic differences between both is the doodly software that is basically programmed to create whiteboard animated videos. Where the viddyoze tool works to generate animated videos to prompt the product and services.

Refundable policy 

both the tool are providing a service of money-back guarantee where the ones can re-back their services in case they did not get satisfied with the tools. There will be no cross-questioning with them. The customer can give them back their tools without being hesitated. In between 30 days customers can get them back their services.

Comparison Table viddyoze vs doodly

#Previewviddyoze vs doodlyviddyoze vs doodly
Product NameVoddyoze Doodly 
Animation featureCreating a video animation.Creating a whiteboard video animation.
Price $97Personal and $127 commercial.$39 standard and $69 enterprise (per month)
creatorJemie Garside Jimmy Kim and brad callen.
Rating 5 star5 star
Buy From Official Website


In conclusion, the blog is about the comparison between Viddyoze vs doodly. As they provide the same service by video editing. But both software targets different types of videos as viddyoze is the tool that helps to make animated videos to promote business. meanwhile the doodly creates the whiteboard animated videos. Further one will get to know the different pricing of the tools.


Why does the doodly used?

The doodly is used to create whiteboard animated videos for youtube and Facebook

Why does the viddyoze used?

The viddyoze tool is used to create animated videos to promote any business’s product or service.

Why do we need it?

The tool suggested in the article is used to edit a video for youtube and Facebook. 

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