Top 5 Ways to Burn Calorie and Lose Weight

Living on a diet does not always have to be apprehensive of hunger. So eat the right things, eat properly, and lose weight without keeping yourself hungry.

You are trying to lose weight. You work really hard for this, and even a few kilos less. Then after eating a lot of food on an evening, you then do everything as before, while you already know that to lose weight, you need to consume fewer calories.

But it happens that when you reduce your calorie intake, your belly starts to cry about hunger.

So the question is, how do you manage that squabbling and your weight loss aspirations?

The following are our top 5 ways of burn calorie and losing weight (and still not hungry!):

Now pay attention to the idea of ​​changing these tips into habits. Make them a part of your everyday life, and in 6 months, weigh about 5-7 kg. To lose weight, you do not need to eat like a rabbit, but you need to reduce your calorie intake. So just eat a little less. The emphasis of weight loss experts is on bringing about a change in lifestyle, which you can actually follow in the long term.

1) To get rid of your appetite, eat foods rich in fiber –

Eating fiber-rich foods helps you to get rid of your appetite. These foods do not contain too many calories. They also have higher water content. Studies have shown that 14 grams of extra fiber in your diet can reduce your calorie intake, and reduce your weight by at least 2 kilograms in 3 months.

You should eat fruits and vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, watermelon, apple, beans, chickpeas, and peas. Experts estimate that if you include them in your diet, the sense of fullness will increase by 31 percent.

2) Skip intake of liquid calories –

Soda, sweetened juice of sugars, and alcohol contain plenty of calories. These drinks are not only rich in calories but can also cause problems like diabetes and obesity. Drinking a glass of coke (140 calories and 35 grams of sugar) or a glass of beer (150 calories) will increase your calorie intensity significantly.

Removing such a beverage from your lifestyle will help you lose weight immediately. By the way, these drinks are not contributing to your nutrition, so avoid them if possible. If you are thirsty, then drink water, lemonade, or coffee.

When you drink coffee, it stimulates peptide YV (pYY) hormones, which promotes satiety. This hormone determines how much you can eat. Do you know that drinking a bowl soup right before your meal can reduce appetite, and the total calorie intake of that meal can be reduced to about 100 calories?

3) Control of the quantity of food –

You can only eat the food you like, but now you have to reduce the food. So if you take two loaves in lunch, then take 1 roti, and include a bowl of vegetables in your diet. If you go to a restaurant, you do not want to have a full plate of pasta placed in front of you.

Share your food with a friend, or eat half a meal in the restaurant, and take half the food for the next day and take it with you. There is another way in this matter that is effective – do not keep your food in the serving dish on the table; Remove yourself from the kitchen. If you do not see food, you will not feel like taking it for a second time.

4) Keep the amount of deserts small –

You like sweet. No matter, you can still enjoy these small but harmful pleasures.

Take whatever you want, take it in small quantities. Take a mini bar instead of taking a full-size normal ice cream. If you are in a restaurant and you have to take a dessert then divide it with someone and eat it. Your sugar will be cured, and you will save a lot of calories.

5) Eat with the other hand –

If you eat with your right hand, then try to eat with your left hand, and if you have food with your left hand, then try to eat with your right hand. This will slow down your eating habits, and in this way, you will be discouraged by eating too much. Although it seems strange, it is effective.

A study conducted in a film tells that when people ate popcorn with their main hands, they ate whole packets, although they were very less eaten when asked to eat with the other hand. The food with the other hand was uncomfortable and difficult, so they could not eat as much. By obstructing your eating habits regularly, you will be able to cut the fat without starving!

By incorporating these methods into your lifestyle, it will help reduce your weight and will curb your desire for food. It is normal to feel hungry, and you should not ignore it. Just keep an eye on what you eat and how you eat, and this will help you achieve your weight goal.

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