Which is better Talkia vs Speechelo? Comparison 2023

Which is better Talkia vs Speechelo?

According to the estimates, 77% of people in India fear public speaking, but does that stop someone from showcasing their talent?

There are hundreds of people with extremely amazing content for YouTube videos, but voiceover anxiety about speaking or lack of fluency is working as a concrete failure in their passion.

Artificial Intelligence has developed text-to-speech software for those hundreds of hidden talents.

But again, in the market of endless choices, to get hold of the best text-to-speech software, you have to jump through hoops.

If you are an active seeker, then you must be aware of two prominent names; Talkia and Speechelo. Multiple users are in dilemma of which one is the best text-to-speech software.

This article compares the two best text to speech software of 2023 available online.

NOTE: Before moving on, there’s a suggestion from our side. Never look for the best one; always go with the one that fits your requirements and budget.

Every software has some unique features that make it diverse from the crowd. So, it’s up to you, which one weighs the best for you.

Talkia Vs Speechelo

Hiring a voice-over artist can cost a fortune, especially when posting regularly. AI text-to-speech software works to turn over a new leaf.

You can create and post unlimited voice-overs in a flash. And maybe that is the secret why TTS is climbing the charts.

What is Speechelo?

speechelo Review

Speechelo is a cloud-based solution built by Blaster Suite Software that creates real human-sounding voice-overs.

With 24 languages and 30 voice types, Speechelo has gained immense popularity among users.

What is Talkia?

Talkia vs Speechelo

Talkia is another electrifying creation of Bryxen Company, the developers of Toonly, Voomly and Doodly.

Talkia is a web-based voice-over software that has made a fresh start in the video creation industry. It helps you create realistic-sounding, professional voice-overs in 22 languages and 67 voice-overs.

Who and why use Speechelo or Talkia?

What if I say any of these two can be a game-changer in your passion and journey to make charismatic videos?

Not only YouTubers but hundreds of other professionals are using voice-overs.

Let’s see where these voice-overs can make a change, a.k.a, where else they can be used.

  • In educational videos
  • Sales and marketing videos
  • Audiobooks
  • YouTube videos
  • Travelling or inspirational videos
  • Training videos

Other than these, there are multiple fields where you can use the voice-over and rock-the stage.

Speechelo vs Talkia Comparison Table -

#Previewspeechelo ReviewTalkia vs Speechelo
Product NameSpeecheloTalkia
Word Limit (Standard Plan)  700 per voice over1000 per voice over
Voices (Standard Plan)  30102
Languages  23Major languages worldwide
Background music (Standard plan)  NoYes (30 music in)
Compatibility With Video Creation Software  YesYes
Supported Operating system  Mac, Windows, Android, LinuxMac, Windows
Pitch personalization  NoYes
Emphasis  YesYes
Customer support  Yes (No liver chat)Yes (Live chat included)
Refund policy  60-days-money-back guarantee30-day-money-back guarantee
Visit Official Websitehttps://speechelo.comhttps://www.talkia.com

Speechelo vs Talkia (Pricing Plans)

Both the Speechelo and Talkia text-to-speech-software are paid ones; if you fancy the advanced features of the TTS software, there are certain plans-

Speechelo pricing plans:

  • One time life plan: $47

What does it offer?

  • Collection of 30 natural voices
  • 700 words per voiceover
  • 23 languages
  • Different voice tones
  • Personal license
  • Pro Version: $47 quarterly

What does it offer?

  • Collection of 171 voices
  • 23 languages
  • Background music library
  • 2800 words per voiceover
  • Commercial license

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Talkia pricing plans:

  • Standard plan: $39/month

What does it offer?

  • 1000 words per voiceover
  • 4 youth voices
  • 43 male voices
  • 59 female voices
  • 102 voices
  • 30 background music
  • Enterprise plan: $69/month

What does it offer?

  • 5000 words per voiceover
  • 23 youth voices
  • 166 male voices
  • 238 female voices
  • 404 voices
  • 150 background music
  • Get commercial video right

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Verdict: Compared to Talkia, Speechelo is more affordable for the users. Moreover, Talkia offers 30-days money-back guarantee; at the same time, Speechelo provides 60 days money-back guarantee.

Are the AI Text-to-speech software worth buying?

To make the right decision for yourself between Talkia vs Speechelo, check out the upside and downsides of both.

Talkia Pros

  • Customize the delivery style of voices
  • Slower and faster speech rate according to the urgency
  • Easy pitch personalization
  • Can merge audio files
  • Compatible with any video creation software
  • Advanced voice-over customization options
  • Add pauses and accents in your voice-over
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows operating system

Talkia Cons

  • No free trial
  • It is not compatible with Linux and Android OS
  • Expensive than Speechelo

Speechelo Pros

  • Create a high-quality voice-over with one-time-payment
  • 60-days money-back guarantee
  • Can merge two audio files
  • Affordable and easy-to-use
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux OS
  • Works with any video creation software.

Speechelo Cons

  • No free trial
  • It needed to be upgraded to a pro plan for more advanced features.

Talkia vs Speechelo Comparison with features

Time to review both Talkia vs Speechelo and see which features make them superior to each other.

1. Voices

Speechelo has 30 voices, including male, female, and kids, in the standard version. You have to upgrade it to the Speechelo pro version for more advanced features and voices.

On the other hand, Talkia stocks 102 voices in Standard and 404 voices in Enterprise plan, ranging into male, female, and youth voices.

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2. Languages

Along with UK and US English accent; Speechelo supports 23 different languages, including:

Japanese, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Korean, Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, Polish, Icelandic, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh, Romanian, Russian.

Whereas, Talkia supports many major languages, including English, German, Spanish, Japanese, French, and Chinese.
Moreover, it also supports all accents in various countries where these languages are spoken, lacking in Speechelo.

If compared, then Speechelo has more languages, whereas Talkia wins in the voice-accents in all languages.

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3. Word limit

The Speechelo Standard plan limits to 700 words per voiceover.

At the same time, Talkia offers 1000 words per voice-over in the standard plan and 5000 words in the Enterprise plan.

4. Voice tone

Speechelo forte in 3 different voice tones: Normal, friendly, and Serious.

With Talkia, you can set the conversational or newscaster-like tone for your voiceover.

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5. Background music

Along with providing a soothing environment, Background music works as an asset to capture and retain the audience’s attention.
Thus, background music to the video is no less than bliss to the content creators.

Speechelo only allows the background music in the pro version; and that too, you have to download the music and include it using a video editor, which makes the process lengthy and stressful.

Whereas, with the whole 30 variant background music, Talkia has won the heart of hundreds of users. Moreover, the enterprise plan offers a library of 150 background music.

However, what is more, awesome is its functioning. You can cut down the generate voice-over section that you don’t like.

Along with that, you can fade in, fade out, stop or play the background music in the voice-over.

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6. Speaking Rate

The low or high-speed rate works as a big head start to attract the audience, along with helping them to understand your message.

The ‘Speed adjustment’ feature of Speechelo allows you to slow down or speed up the speaking rate up to 4 times.

At the same time, Talkia does the same; it speed-up and slow down the speaking rate up to 4 times.

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7. Volume and pitch

Speechelo allows you to increase or reduce the voice-over volume, but it lacks pitch personalization.

Whereas, along with volume control, Talkia allows the pitch personalization to adjust your voice-over tone up to 20 semi-tones.

The pitch personalization allows you to target a specific audience.

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8. Compatibility with video creation Software’s

Both Talkia and Speechelo text-to-speech software are compatible with multiple video creation Software.

Speechelo works with all video creation software like iMovie, Premiere Pro, Audacity, and Camtasia.

At the same time, Talkia is compatible with video creation software like Camtasia, Flimora, Adobe Premiere Pro; and video animation software like Doodly, Toonly, create studio and more.

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9. Compatibility with O.S

Speechelo is compatible with multiple operating software like Linux, Android, Mac, and Windows. Whereas, Talkia is only compatible with Mac and Windows.

Which one is better Talkia Vs Speechelo?

Have you decided which one suits your musical videos? If not, let us clear the fog for you.

Speechelo is one of its best if you search for advanced features at a budget price and are less focused on highly realistic and natural voice tone.

On the other hand, if you want highly advanced features with a natural and real voice and are ready to give a high price, then Talkia could quench your thirst. 

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Final Thoughts

After going through the article, we believe you would have got a good idea of which text-to-speech voice-over is best for you.

Both the voice-overs are best in themselves as both have some feature that makes them unique from each other.

If you are still in a dilemma, place the features of both Speechelo vs Talkia side by side and check the features that suit your requirements.

A simple clarification of what features you are looking for would have you get the best voice-over in hand.

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1. Is Speechelo or Talkia safe to use?

This is one of the most common questions the users ask, who are afraid of downloading viruses and malware while using Speechelo.

Undoubtedly, Speechelo and Talkia are safe to use unless they are downloaded and installed from a genuine site.

2. Is Speechelo a one-time purchase?

Yes, the Speechelo standard is a one-time purchase. But, for the upgraded version, you have to upgrade it to Speechelo pro quarterly.

3. How many voices does Talkia have?

You can enjoy 102 in the Standard plan and over 404 voices in the Enterprise plan of Talkia voice-over.

4. Does Talkia offer cloud storage?

Yes! All of your voice-overs are stored in Talkia’s cloud, so you can easily access them from anywhere in the world.

5. Do Talkia need Internet access?

Yes, while using Talkia, your system needs to have smooth internet access to use it.

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Nevertheless, we only recommend products or services we use and believe are best for the readers.
Thanks in advance, and we will keep producing high-quality reviews to save your time and money on research.

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