Which one should I use Speechelo vs Speechelo pro? Comparison 2023

Which is Better Speechelo Vs Speechelo Pro?

No one can know more about the value of a good voice other than a YouTube or Content creator. You may be bemused by the fact, but it is true!

According to the experts’ voice, YouTube videos highly impact what and how well you deliver the message.

Hundreds of Content creators are out there who are confused between two prominent text-to-speech converters.

YES! You heard it right.

The limelight stealers are; Speechelo Standard and Speechelo Pro.

This article will discuss and compare two different versions of a famous text-to-speech software Speechelo; Speechelo vs Speechelo pro.

You might be wondering that if Speechelo and Speechelo pro are the same software, then what makes them different?

Hang on to the article and explore more about both Speechelo Standard vs Speechelo pro.

What is Speechelo?

speechelo vs speechelo pro

Speechelo is an AI-focused cloud-based text-to-speech software that will help you create perfect voiceovers for your content.

Speechelo is the best kind that auto-generates human-sounding voiceovers on-demand from the text.

Speechelo Standard Pros

  • It saves hefty of time and money.
  • Impressive speed when text transforms into an audio track.
  • Easy to use, even for newbies
  • Best quality of the voices.
  • Get your hands on 30 male and female voice types.
  • After each phrase, you can add breathing sounds and longer pauses to make the video realistic
  • Extremely affordable compared to voice artist
  • Speechelo is the only text-to-speech app that adds voice inflection
  • Allows you to make videos in various languages with ease.
  • Speechless is sold via ClickBank, which provides benefits for consumers.

Speechelo Standard Cons

  • Limited word and character limit
  • It lacks the commercial license
  • It lacks a background music feature

What is Speechelo Pro?

speechelo vs speechelo pro

Speechelo Pro is the premium version of Speechelo that offers the same high-quality video but multiple add-on features.

Speechelo Pro Pros

  • It has more upgraded features and functioning
  • Easy to use, even for newbies
  • Best quality of the voices
  • More than 171 male, female, and children voices
  • It features 48 impressive languages
  • Provides a whole library of 40 tracks
  • Offers commercial license to the users

Speechelo Pro Cons

  • It is a bit more expensive than Speechelo Standard.

Comparison Table: Speechelo vs Speechelo Pro

This comparison table will overview the significant differences between Speechelo and Speechelo pro.

FeaturesSpeechelo StandardSpeechelo pro
Price$37, One-time paymentQuarterly upgrade of $47
Voices30 voices171 Voices
Languages23 languages48 languages
Limit5000 characters7000 characters
Voice styles3 styles3 styles
Background musicNo40 music tracks
Merge audioYesYes
Commercial licenseNoYes

Feature Comparison: Speechelo Standard vs Speechelo Pro


The Speechelo standard version provides only 30 voices, whereas in the upgraded plan, i.e., Speechelo Pro, you will get 171 voices to make a voiceover.


Speechelo Standard supports 23 languages to make a good voiceover. At the same time, Speechelo standard has mastery over 48 languages.

The list of Languages in Speechelo and Speechelo Pro are;

Speechelo StandardSpeechelo Pro
Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh          Arabic, Indonesian, Irish Gaelic, Welsh, Bengali, Japanese Bulgarian, Kannada, Catalan, Korean, Chinese, Latvian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Czech, Malay, Danish, Malayalam, Dutch, Maltese, English, Norwegian, Estonian, Polish, Filipino, Portuguese, Finnish, Romanian, French, Russian, German, Slovak, Greek, Slovenian, Gujarati, Spanish, Hebrew, Swedish, Hindi, Tamil, Hungarian, Telugu Thai, Ukrainian, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese
Try Speechelo Voice DemoTry Speechelo Pro Voice Demo

NOTE: Speechelo Pro has more options to choose accents of all languages than Speechelo Standard.

Voiceover length

The Speechelo Standard version allows you to transform 5000 characters into voiceover at once. However, with the upgraded plan, a.k.a Speechelo Pro, you can create a voiceover with 20000 characters at once.

Moreover, the merge feature in both the Speechelo versions allows you to merge audio files effortlessly.

Campaign Support

Think Campaign is the folder to generate and keep the voiceovers. Multiple Campaign leads to better organization.

The Standard version has only one Campaign, whereas, in the Speechelo Pro version, you can create multiple campaigns for the Voiceover organization.

Background Music

The Standard version lacks background music features. However, Speechelo Pro provides 40 royalty-free Music tracks.

You can download and attach to the voiceover using any video or audio editor.

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Speech and Pitch

Both Speechelo Standard and Pro versions have speed and pitch options. But, somehow, Speechelo pro has more fixability to control the speed & pitch of voiceover.


Both Speechelo Standard and Pro are compatible with almost every video editor like Camtasia, Adobe Premiere, Imovie, and Audacity.

Commercial License

Speechelo Standard version only offers a personal license to the users.

But, the Speechelo Pro version is the best choice if you want to use voiceover for commercial purposes such as promoting your product, selling, etc.

Speechelo Vs Speechelo Pro Price

To use the Speechelo pr version, first, you need to have the standard Speechelo, and then you can upgrade that plan to the Speechelo pro plan.

Speechelo StandardSpeechelo Pro
It’s a one-time payment of $37You have to pay a quarterly amount of $47
It has 60 days money back guaranteeIt has 60 days money back guarantee
Try Speechelo NowTry Speechelo Pro Now

Which one do we recommend Speechelo vs Speechelo Pro?

If you ask for our prior choice, the answer is straightforward.

There’s no doubt that both Speechelo vs Speechelo Pro are great choices for creating the best text-to-speech voiceovers in the more accurate and natural human voice.

Thus, you are not going to regret buying anyone.

But, if you search for a budget-friendly text-to-speech converter with standard features, the Speechelo standard will work fine for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a text-to-speech converter for professional purposes with a commercial license, it would be best to go with the Speechelo Pro version.

Moreover, it also allows you to create voiceovers in more than double languages and accents than Speechelo Standard version.

Final Verdict

Here we have come to the end part, and we believe you have read the whole article on Which one is better: Speechelo vs Speechelo Pro.

We have mentioned every feature and information that will help you choose the perfect Speechelo version for you.

We hope this information is enough to make a perfect choice.

If you have any questions & suggestions for us, leave them in the comment section. We are looking forward to your comments and to helping you.

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1. Can I use Speechelo for commercial use?

If you want to use voiceover for commercial purposes such as promoting your product and selling, you have to upgrade to Speechelo pro.
As Speechelo standard only offers you the personal license.

2. Is Speechelo a monthly subscription?

No, the Speechelo standard is a one-time payment software of $37, whereas, for Speechelo Pro, you have to upgrade it quarterly (every 3 months) at $47.

3. Is Speechelo a cloud-based software?

Yes, Speechelo is an AI-based cloud-based text to speech software designed by Stoica or the blaster Suite Team.

4. Can I use Speechelo for YouTube?

Undoubtedly, whether it’s Speechelo standard or Speechelo pro, both version allows you to convert text into voiceovers for your YouTube videos.

5. Is Speechelo compatible with YouTube monetization rules?

Yes, YouTube has no problem with you using text-to-speech software until and unless the content you provide is original.

6. What if we are not satisfied by the voiceovers of Speechelo?

That’s nothing to worry about. Speechelo has 60 days money-back guarantee that assures of refund if you are not satisfied with the results.

7. Does Speechelo translate the text?

Yes, along with other features, Speechelo standard version allows you to translate your text script into 23 foreign languages. In contrast, Speechelo pro allows you to translate your text to speech in 48 worldwide languages.

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