Remove the lack of blood from this remedy

Remove the lack of blood from this remedy: Today Hello friends are going to tell you how you can overcome the lack of blood. There is a shortage of blood in many people today.

Let’s start by telling you in this article “Remove the lack of blood from this remedy” how to easily complete the lack of blood

Coriander used in spices as a spice in every household is not only dry but also useful. This coriander, which protects from diseases, has many qualities. Let us know about its benefits: –

Remove the odor of sweat:

Mix 50 grams of black salt mixed with black salt according to the taste. After eating half a teaspoon, it does not get much sweat and energy is available.

Headache relief:

Mix two teaspoons of sugar in a spoonful of sugar and boil it in a glass of water. Drink half-leaf after drinking it and get relief in the headache.

Gum strong:

Boil half teaspoon coriander powder in water. Rinse it when it is waxed, it strengthens the gums and removes the problem of blood coming out of it.

Beneficial in cold:

In the seeds of coriander, Vitamin C contains antibacterial properties. Therefore, it is beneficial for the health of drinking these water by boiling these seeds in cold.

Do not Lose Blood:

There is a substantial amount of iron in the coriander seed which makes hemoglobin in the blood. This is the reason that the lack of blood is removed by consuming sage seeds.

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