Top 10 Best Character Voice Generator Tools for Voice Over 2023

Top 10 Best Character Voice Generator Tools for Voice Over 2023

Can a video game or animation video without a good voiceover have your undivided attention? Definitely not!

If a good animation or picture is the heart, then an enchanting voice is the soul of video. Thus, before using any voiceover, you have to think precisely whether it’s a perfect fit with the sync.

If you are planning to get a voiceover artist, then stop there!

However, creating a good voiceover can cost you a fortune if you don’t have a good Character Voice Generator in your hands.

Can a good Character Voice Generator save you from daylight robbery?

Until now, to make a good voiceover, hiring a voice artist has been an ultimate solution, where it can cost you around $400- $1500 in just 5-6 minutes. [Note: The prices are exceptionally high if it’s a cartoon character voiceover].

But is it worth it?

That’s where Character Voice Generator Tools comes into play.

An advanced Character Voice Generator not only offers a hassle-free video-making experience but can save you from loan-sharking.

Now, a good voiceover will be in your hands within minutes in multiple languages, which will enhance your video quality and give you exclusive rights to change your voiceover anywhere anytime.

Bonjour to the 21st era of Artificial intelligence and world-class Character Voice Generator tools leading to full commercial voiceovers.

Product ImageProduct Name & Feature
LIFETIME DEAL <strong><a href="" rel="sponsored">Speechelo - Best Character Voice Generator</a></strong>

Speechelo - Best Character Voice Generator

  • Pricing - It is a one-time-payment for around $47
  • Best For - Speechelo is a natural human-sounding voiceover tool
View OfferRead Full Review
Go off with FREE TRIAL <strong>Murf</strong>


  • Pricing - The basic plan costs around $13, Pro is for $26, whereas Enterprise is $83 onwards
  • Best for - Murf creates Hi-quality natural sounding AI Voices  
View Offer
LIFETIME DEAL <strong>Voicely</strong>


  • Pricing - It’s a one-time payment that costs around $49
  • Best for - Fully Automated AI powered Software that turns natural voiceover in few clicks
View Offer
MONTHLY DEAL <strong></strong>

  • Pricing - It’s Personal plan costs $14.25/monthly, Professional costs around $29.25/month, Growth plan for $74.25, and Business plan can be yours at $149.25/month
  • Best for - Relish non-robotic AI voiceovers in over 600 male and female voiceovers across 57 languages.
View Offer
Go off with FREE TRIAL <strong>Lovo</strong>


  • Pricing - Use the Personal plan in $17and Freelancer plan in $49.99
  • Best for - Powered by advanced super realistic human voiceovers
View Offer
MONTHLY DEAL <strong></strong>

  • Pricing - Start up with Entry plan in $30/month
  • Best for - You can easily blend human and synthetic voice together
View Offer
Start with FREE TRIAL <strong>Natural Reader</strong>

Natural Reader

  • Pricing - The single plan is for $49/month, whereas team plan for 4 members cost for $79/month
  • Best for - Upload text/documents and convert to mp3 to listen to anywhere anytime
View Offer
FREE <strong>TTS Reader</strong>

TTS Reader

  • Pricing - FREE Voiceovers
  • Best for - If you are seeking for a free Character Voice Generator, TTS Reader can be one.
View Offer



  • Pricing - Use the Lite plan in $29.99, Pro plan in $59.9, and Elite plan in $99.99
  • Best for - Hear your words in 500+ voices and 60+ languages, accents with Blakify
View Offer


  • Pricing - A Lifetime deal in $37
  • Best for - Turn any text to a lifelike human voice in seconds with over 745+ realistic voices across 128+ languages
View Offer

This article will walk you through the top 10 best Character Voice Generator Tool for Voice Over that are currently the hot gossip in the market.

Two sides of the same coin: Why choose Character Voice Generator Tools over Voice artists?

Before moving on, there must be a question; ‘Why choose Character Voice Generator Tools over Voice artists’ must be popping up in your mind.

Well, there’s no big fight.

Where Voice artist costs a fortune just for a few minutes of a single voiceover, A Character Voice Generator can serve you more at budget-friendly prices.

Check out the difference table; this will help you to select the better option for you:

Character Voice Generator ToolsVoice Artist
You can mold the content in multiple languagesHave to hire separate voice artist for different language videos
It’s a one-time paymentYou have to pay every time you will hire a voice artist
It is hassle-free and easy to useThe whole process is time-taking and tight
Multiple options and featuresYou don’t have much of a choice

The Best Character Voice Generator Tools We’ve Found So Far:

1. Speechelo - Best Character Voice Generator

Best Character Voice Generator Tools for Voice Over

Speechlo is an AI-focused cloud-based Character voice generator that will help you create perfect voiceovers for your content.

Speechlo is the best kind that auto-generates human-sounding voiceovers on-demand from the text.

The fascinating part of using Speechelo is choosing between male and female voice styles in various languages.

Moreover, with an easy-to-use interface and multiple functions, Speechelo is becoming the first choice of thousands of users.

Key Features -

  1. Easy analyse of any text and converting it to speech
  2. Multiple voices of men and women
  3. Supports 24 languages, including English
  4. More than 30 human-like voices
  5. It offers three different: Standard, Comedic and Serious
  6. It comes in a one-time budget-friendly pricing
  7. Speechelo is compatible with various video editing software, including Camtasia, Adobe Premiere, Imovie, and Audacity.
  8. you can increase the length of the voiceover from 700 words to 1000 or more with the pro version.
  9. Enjoy the 40 tracks of mesmeric background music with the upgraded Speechelo Pro version.


  • Extremely easy and straightforward user interface
  • No coding or pre-learned coding required
  • Realistic variations in sound
  • License for commercial use
  • Enjoy multiple languages at the same time


  • There are a few flaws; users are only concerned with its slight mechanical voice.

Speechelo Pricing

You can take advantage of all the advanced features of the Speechelo Standard version with a one-time payment of $47.

However, the updated features, a.k.a Pro version, cost around $49 quarterly.

Click Here to Get Speechelo at a Special Discount Price (Limited offer)

2. Murf

Best Character Voice Generator Tools for Voice Over

Another Character Voice Generator that can replace Speechelo is ‘Murf’.

Murf allows being the author of your videos or voiceover presentation with over 110+ voices and 15+ languages.

You can make it all with the realistic voice generator, from engaging advertisements to promotional videos.

Along with maintaining ideal pitch, punctuations and emphasis according to the videos, Murf is powered with an AI grammar assistant that writes and edits impressive scripts and turns them into powerful voiceovers, all in one place.

Creating alluring audio-quality videos over multiple languages and voice tones within minutes is a cakewalk with Murf, AI Character Voice Generator.

Key Features -

  1. It allows you to add voice to videos or presentations
  2. Murf Studio comes with a free grammar and punctuation assistant, allowing you to create perfect scripts for your ideal voiceovers.
  3. It equips an inbuilt library of free background music tracks
  4. Murf Character Voice Generator allows you to emphasise specific words or sentences.
  5. You can change the pitch or speed of the narration.
  6. In the video, you can break down your script into multiple blocks and paragraphs and insert pauses between them.


  • 100% natural-sounding AI voices in 20 languages
  • Guaranteed natural sounding human voiceovers
  • Text to speech voices in 20 languages
  • Create stunning voiceovers in minutes
  • Save time and hundreds of dollars


  • No user complaints so far.

Murf Pricing

You can start creating your videos with the free trial, where you will get to enjoy 120+ voices, 10 minutes of voice generation, 10 minutes of transcription for single user usage.

The Basic plan with unlimited downloads, 24 hours of voice generation, access to 60+ voices in 10 languages and chat/ Email support for single users at the cost of $13/month or $156/year.

It's most famous; the Pro version is ideal for professionals with unlimited downloads, 96 hours of voice generation, 48 hours of transcription, access to 120+ voices in 20 languages and many more with a pricing of $26/month or $312/year.

Click Here to Get Murf at a Special Discount Price (Limited offer)

3. Voicely

Best Character Voice Generator Tools for Voice Over

Voicely is another AI-based best Character Voice Generator Tool that turns any text into a professional natural human-like voiceover in minutes.

There is no need to have any professional skills to use Voicely, as its easy and user-friendly interface is a cakewalk to operate on.

Here’s how Voicely works:

  • Step 1: Simply Type or paste the text you’d like
  • Step 2: Browse and choose the voice that fits your motive ideally
  • Step 3: generate your voiceover
  • Step 4: Customize, customize and customize
  • Step 5: Export or download your final voiceover.

With 60 languages and over 600+ voices, you can create your world of voiceovers with Voicely; Character Voice Generator Tool.

Key Features -

  1. Now your users can listen to their favourite new article instead of reading them
  2. The user can build their playlist according to their selection
  3. The auto playlist is built automatically based on the latest news for that day
  4. add light background music to the news title with musical interludes
  5. You can send notifications to the users directly


  • The Character Voice Generator Tool works in offline mode
  • It is a fully customizable tool
  • Select any theme from the collection
  • Perfect for creating Educational, marketing, animated and audio videos
  • You can create your audiobook and podcasts
  • Easy to use and simple interface


  • No cons so far

Voicely Pricing

You can get the upper hand on all the advanced features of Vociely with a one-time lifetime payment of $49.

Click Here to Get Voicely at a Special Discount Price (Limited offer)


Best Character Voice Generator Tools for Voice Over

Now you can create realistic natural voiceovers for videos, podcasts, and e-learning with the Character Voice Generator.

With you can convert your blog posts to audio using synthetic voices to increase content accessibility, user engagement and time on page metrics.

The Character Voice Generator Tool accommodate 570+ natural sounding voices with humanlike intonation in 60+ languages and accents powered by machine learning technology.

And don’t worry about the security, as your text to speech synthesized audio files are securely stored in the cloud, and you can also create drafts and convert the text to audio at a later time.

Key Features -

  1. You can choose 570+ natural-sounding Text to Speech voices across 60+ languages and accents from the library.
  2. Get natural and engaging sound with different speech styles
  3. The multi-voice feature allows creating voiceovers by using different voices for sentences in the same audio file
  4. It features Fine-tune Rate, Pitch, Emphasis and Pauses to create a more suitable voice tone
  5. It’s ‘Custom Pronunciations’ defines how specific words are pronounced
  6. You can listen and preview a single paragraph or full text before converting it to speech in the Preview mode.


  • Securely store and manage audio files
  • Export in MP3 & WAV formats
  • Commercial & broadcast rights
  • Generate natural voiceovers for videos, podcasts and e-learning
  • Offers full SSML support


  • No downsides have been noted so far. Pricing

You can use and purchase in four different versions according to your requirements and budget.

It’s a Personal plan with 240000 words, Standard voices, Unlimited previews and Unlimited Downloads costs around $14.25/month and $171 yearly.

With a cost of $29.25/month and $351/year, you can enjoy advanced features like 600,000 Words, Premium Voices, Customizable Audio Players, Podcast Hosting, Commercial Rights, Unlimited Previews and downloads with the Professional Plan.

The Growth plan of is a perfect choice for teams and small companies looking to grow with audio.

You can have your hands on 2,400,000 Words, Team Access, Automated Audio Creation, Pronunciations Library and White-labelled Audio Players at the cost of $74.25/month and $891/year.

And if you are a company or agency looking to create audio at scale, it can cost around $149.25/month and $1791/year.

Click Here to Get at a Special Discount Price (Limited offer)

5. Lovo

Best Character Voice Generator Tools for Voice Over

With the growing library of 180+ voices in 33 different languages, Lovo has made its place in one of the best Character Voice Generator tools.

The voiceovers created with Lovo will change the direction and audience of your videos, podcasts, presentations and stories.

Its voiceovers are designed to create 79% emotional and personal connections with the users and mould the tone, personality, accent, and style precisely.

Approximately 80,000+ creators trust the Lovo in 41 countries, creating millions of voiceovers.

Key Features -

  1. Lovo has 180+ voice skins in 33 varying languages
  2. Every new month, a unique voice is added to Lovo
  3. It lets you create custom voice skins in just 15 minutes
  4. You can customize your AI voiceovers effortlessly by adding emphasis and pauses or adjusting pronunciation and speed.
  5. The ‘DIY Voice Cloning’ allows users to clone your pace, space and voice, allowing the AI to imitate it perfectly


  • It is a user-friendly platform
  • Easy and effortless to use
  • Realistic voice in 180 voice skins and 33 languages
  • Free trial option to test the Character Voice Generator functioning
  • Tailor-made voices are available


  • No in-built voice editors

Lovo Pricing

You can start benefitting Lovo with Lovo free trial with multiple amusing features. At the same time, the upgraded version, i.e. Personal plan, costs around $17.49/month.

And if you are looking for more upgraded features, then the Freelancer plan would be more effective and cost around $49.99/month.

Click Here to Get Lovo at a Special Discount Price (Limited offer)


Best Character Voice Generator Tools for Voice Over

Now craft a beautiful AI-generated voiceover in seconds with the following Character Voice Generator. is one of the Character Voice Generator Tools you can grab on.

You can take your real voice recordings and sprinkle them in synthetic content for a seamless experience. You can simply replace, add or remove any speech seamlessly. can be integrated with Aircall, Unity, and TikTok, giving you an array of use cases for the tool and your product.

Moreover, it lets you upload or record your voice and dub it into other languages.

Key Features -

  1. Customize the brand voice
  2. Craft dynamic IVR agents
  3. One-click AI text generation for advertisement
  4. Instant language dubbing


  • It is an advanced AI Character Voice Generator
  • Best used for games, films, advertising, call centres, social media and corporate training.
  • Generates synthetic voices without borders
  • Dub your native voice into other languages


  • No free trial is available Pricing

The Entry-level plan of Character Voice Generator costs around $30/month with multiple features and functions.

Click Here to Get at a Special Discount Price (Limited offer)

7. NaturalReader

Best Character Voice Generator Tools for Voice Over
natural reader

Natural Reader is a free Character Voice Generator Tool for web, software and mobile with natural voices that convert text to audio or mp3 for personal and commercial use.

It allows you to select a wide variety of languages according to the audience. Besides that, AI technology helps you create natural speech from your text to give your videos an authentic human voice instead of a robotic tone.

Key Features

  1. High quality, crystal-clear natural sounding voices
  2. OCR Technology allows you to read from scanned documents or images
  3. Allows you to listen to past uploads or convert to mp3
  4. Create narration for YouTube videos, eLearning material, broadcasting, IVR systems
  5. 100+ AI voice choices with 20 language coverage


  • One-click technology for reading
  • No coding knowledge or experience needed
  • User-friendly and simple interface
  • Impressive functionality and features


  • The free app requires internet connectivity, whereas the paid version is quite costly.

NaturalReader Pricing

You can take advantage of all the advanced features of Natural Reader as it is a free Character Voice Generator.

Click Here to Get NaturalReader at a Special Discount Price (Limited offer)

8. TTS Reader

Best Character Voice Generator Tools for Voice Over
TTS Reader

TTS Reader is one of the Best Character Voice Generator tools. Its simple technology reads any text aloud with natural sounding voices.

It can be used to create animated videos, YouTube videos, e-books, proofread a written text, and educate or entertain your children.

You can directly use the Character Voice Generator from the browser to boost start, import documents, add pauses, and change pitch.

The best part is that TTS Reader has an impressive database in multiple languages without the word limit restriction.

This Character Voice Generator tool does not have a word limit or daily conversion, but the only condition is that the recording audio time could not be more than 10 minutes.

Key Features -

  1. It facilitates high-quality natural-sounding voices in different languages
  2. There are male and female voices in different languages
  3. Ideal for listening to articles
  4. TTS Reader extracts the text from pdf files and reads it out loud
  5. TTS Reader enables exporting the synthesized speech with a single click


  • Easy and simple user interface like it accepts pdf., txt., e-book uploads
  • No-word limitations in the video
  • Multiple languages and adjustments
  • No-sign or log in required


  • It only allows ten or fewer minutes of recording.

TTS Reader Pricing

You can make the TTS Reader Character Voice Generator yours at the cost of $49. However, you can check the 3 TTS Reader plans for commercial use for more advanced features.

Click Here to Get TTS Reader at a Special Discount Price (Limited offer)

9. Blakify

Best Character Voice Generator Tools for Voice Over

Blakify Character Voice Generator allows you to bring static content, like ebooks, PDFs, and other training documents.

It is highly beneficial when you need to convert long text passages into playable audio.

With Blakify, you can easily create engaging and persuasive audio content in 70 languages/accents and 700 voices that will keep your visitors coming back for more.

Moreover, its full SMML Editor allows you to fine-tune your voice even more.

Key features -

  1. You can create your own voiceover in 700+ voices in 70 different languages and accents
  2. It allows you to combine or merge two different audio files
  3. Create courses with a natural and relatable voice
  4. With our innovative tool, you can change your script with the click of one button


  • Create your high-quality audio files in minutes
  • Save time and money with Blakify; Character Voice Generator Tool
  • You can create interactive voice responses easy and quick


  • No cons so far

Blakify Pricing

You can choose a flexible and competitive price model from 3 plans that perfectly suit your needs.

The Lite plan costs around $29.9, the Pro plan can be yours for $59.99, and you can make the Elite plan for $99.99.

Click Here to Get Blakify at a Special Discount Price (Limited offer)

10. Textalky

Best Character Voice Generator Tools for Voice Over

Now you can turn any text or script into a lifelike natural human voice in easy three steps using Textalky, a Character Voice Generator Tool.

It covers over 745 kinds of lifelike human voices and more than 128 international languages & Accent that meets most of your needs.

Textalky; can be used for creating Podcasts, audiobooks, Sales, Tutorials and Educational, Marketing and YouTube videos.

Key features -

  1. 745 types of male and female voices
  2. It offers 745 languages, accents and dialects
  3. SSML tags support (voice effects)
  4. It works on cloud-based AI technology to convert text to character voiceovers
  5. It has an amazing voice and sound effects


  • Lifetime Access to Textalky
  • Free commercial use of all voices
  • You can synthesize audio exactly how you want them to be
  • Fast and easy share results
  • Great customer support


  • No cons so far

Textalky Pricing

Get a lifetime deal on Textalky for $37.

Here with Textalky ends the list of the top 10 Character Voice Generator Tools that can enhance your marketing and video value among users.

Click Here to Get Textalky at a Special Discount Price (Limited offer)

Editor’s pick

If you are in a dilemma of which one is the Best Character Voice Generator, let us help you.

Till today’s date, Speechelo has been the choice of thousands of users for Character Voice Generator.

Its fully-featured AI advanced technology makes it an ideal choice for all.

Why Speechelo is the perfect fit?

Are you keen to make a perfect character voiceover? Then go nowhere else than Speechelo.

Speechelo is blaster suite’s latest Character Voice Generator with various languages and human-like voices.

You will get all the advanced features and qualities in Speechelo that are a must in a Character Voice Generator Tool.

Along with generating character voiceovers, it also allows you to alter voice tones, speed, and pitch that is needed.

Moreover, the best part is it’s an on-time lifetime deal, you only have to pay once, and you are ready to enjoy the Speechelo Character Voice Generator forever.

Click Here to Get Speechelo at a Special Discount Price (Limited offer)

Final Verdict

The above ten Character Voice Generator Tools are the best in the current AI voice market. But the needs of users are different, and so is the choice.

These tools will help you save money and time simultaneously, along with creating creative and alluring voiceovers.

We hope you have found an ideal tool for your personal and professional needs for character voice generations.

Try all the Character Voice Generator Tools and let us know.

Click Here to Get Speechelo at a Special Discount Price (Limited offer)


1. Is this Cloud-Based software?

Yes, Speechelo is a cloud-based solution. Everything is hosted on our servers, nothing to download or install.

It can be used from PC, Mac, and even smartphones.

2. Do Murf have free trials?

Yes, Murf has a free trial plan.

All you have to do is Sign in and create a project. You would get 10 minutes of voice-over to render time free in your account to test voices and other features.

3. Do I need to install Textalky?

No, Textalky is not computer software; it’s an online cloud-based app and doesn’t require installation.

4. Are there any hidden charges on all the above given Character Voice Generator Tools?

No! It is one of the best parts of using these Character Voice Generator Tools.

All the pricing, features, and functioning of the Character Voice Generator Tools is transparent to the users, allowing them to make a trusting relationship from starting.

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